Our Team

Jerry Matsukuma has been managing properties for over 30 years. His first experience in real estate occurred in 1975 when he searched for an economical studio to create his ceramics. Unable to find an affordable studio, he took on an industrial warehouse of 5,000 sq. ft and turned it into his own artist studio. Since the space was so vast and the rent being so high he had decided to subdivide and sublease the remainder 4,200 sq ft. In creating small rentable space he was able to satisfy individual artist and crafts persons, which opened up his eyes to the plethora of real estate opportunities out there. Since then Jerry has expanded into the management of residential and commercial properties. Today Jerry not only manages his own properties but also individual property owners and investors. He is also involved with several real estate partnerships that invest in real property Nationwide. Jerry currently holds a California Contractors Plumbing License.

Contractors License# 988297

Cameron Matsukuma graduated Loyola Marymount University, Magna Cume Laude with a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management. Right out of college she got her hands wet with the administration side of property management by doing the bookkeeping and annual income statements. Then moving out of real estate she ventured into insurance where she worked directly with non-qualified deferred compensation for Mullin TBG (Prudential Company). In insurance Cameron was a funding analyst managing about $3 million dollars in hard assets for an array of clients. Cameron currently holds a California Brokers License, Property and Casualty Insurance Broker, and California General Contractors License.

Brokers License # 01882465

CA Insurance # OH62571

Contractor License # 986857

June Yamaki, a Salesperson who has worked in Real Estate since 2004 and has worked all over the Los Angeles County, as far as Winnetka all the way east to Azusa. She has sold, purchased, managed, and packed out homes, townhouses, condos and apartments. Specializing in Estate clean/pack outs and remodeling interior parts of homes.

 California Real Estate Agent # 01463081

Their combined professional and educational experience in management has led them to this business concept.